Monday, 22 December 2014

Basement Gang - David Williams

"Kathie was a virgin when they led her down the steps - A daring novel of reefer smoke - reckless thrills and the wild love of boys and girls of the city streets!"



Seven steps descended from the side-walk to the cellar club. They led lovely young Kathie Melton out of the innocence of her teens into the guilt and viciousness of a precociously sinful world!

Kathie knew the cellar gang was a little wild. She joined, just the same-chiefly to show Hank Landrum she was tired of his idea of an exciting Saturday night. What she didn't know was that the cellar crowd were fond of vile amusements and up to their necks in the rackets.

The excitement really started when Hank, out of longing for her, tried to pull her from the gang. Its jittery members decided to take care of both Hank and Kathie...

A frank, shocking novel of teen-age life in a New York slum! Here are intimately revealed the desperate secrets of youth caught in the toils of poverty, seeking escape through vice and violence!

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