Monday, 11 May 2015

I'll Fix You - Hal Ellson


From the Reviews of

Hal Ellson's Books

"Mr. Ellson, who has worked as a recreational therapist with juvenile delinquents is undoubtedly telling an authentic story...Morbidly fascinating and shameful piece of social history."
-New York Herald Tibune

"A hard, fast, tough, tight-fisted novel...For strong stomachs and those who like their reading terse and breathless."
-Virginia Kirkus Review

"The results of adult callousness towards children...are depicted with shocking impact...Duke is a powerful condemnation of a society that robs children of their youth."

"It is a surprise to come across so excellent a book as DUKE...Such a book depends of course on one thing, namely truth-the authentic truth of real conditions, the psychological truth of individual reactions, the artistic truth of presentation and the moral truth of facing evil that exists right under our noses."
-Dr. Frederic Wertham, the noted psychiatrist in American Journal of Psychotherapy

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