Monday, 13 March 2017

Night Is For Violence - David Bateson

Juvenile Delinquents


A THOUSAND pounds is a mountain of money-when you're broke. That's how Paul Hamilton felt before the cheque came. And when the big windfall arrived, he made plans for spending the money abroad, on his own.

But he hadn't bargained for the intrusion of his wayward wife. Nor had he expected to become entangled with a bunch of teenage delinquents, such as left-handed Nick, a youth with a grudge against society; and Jennie, a pale-faced girl in jeans, struggling towards womanhood through vandalism and scandal. And he hadn't foreseen Diane Summers, mature, good for him, and desirable; nor, somewhere out of sight, the Violent One, with a mind full of hatred and murder.

In The Soho Jungle David Bateson exposed a vice racket in London's seamiest quarter. Now he offers a story of the all-too-prevalent vicious crimes in the darker streets and alleys of any city...your city.

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