Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Crucifiers - Carl Ruhen

She had broken their rules and knew she deserved to be punished


The Crucifiers were a gang of kids, wild kids who rode motorcycles and lived by their own laws.

Laws, not of the jungle, but of sadistic, perverse outlaws from society.

Their bikes were their lovers and their wives and their passports to power.

The girls who rode with them were possessions less exciting, less respected than their bikes. These girls, forced into promiscuity and a life of loveless sex, had only one function-to belong to the group and to obey its every rule.

When one girl disobeyed, she was nailed to a tree. But that was only the beginning of the horror. She was accused of treachery, of selling out to the cops, and that meant she would die, hard and nasty, when the gang found her again.

In the meantime, she found love with another haunted girl, but that love, like her whole life, was soon nailed to the wall...

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