Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Monkey Off My Back - Jack Brown

An ex-convict and drug addict relates his discovery of personal freedom


The former 'con man' was always finding the easy way to make money for his expensive drug habit...yet the trail of shady tricks and crime always led Jack to the same place - stone walls, iron bars and guards.

Having served more than seventeen years in prison Jack Brown tells an almost incredible story - beatings, fights, riots, murders, immorality of every sort. He talks about people he met: the Birdman of Alcatraz - Machine-gun Kelly - Al Capone and other legendary figures of the underworld.

Most of Jack's life has been spent in various institutions: attempts to cure his criminal habits and his drug addiction failed repeatedly. But outside prison walls waited his devoted wife and family who prayed and encouraged Jack to take God seriously.

There is no 'happy ever after' routine at the end of his story - just the miracle that God changed the depraved drug addict convict, gave Jack the determination that Jesus shall control his life - and he can't keep it a secret!

*Apparently Jack Brown is the person that Johnny Cash wrote Cocaine Blues about.

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