Friday, 5 May 2017

Rebels In The Streets - Kitty Hanson

The Story of New York's Girl Gangs
A dramatic expose of one of the most shocking and least publicized problems of the big cities


Here is a strange and savage story of the Dagger Debs, a girl gang. Girls between childhood misbehavior and adult crime. Girls who get drunk on cheap wine and high marijuana. Girls who are profane, sexually promiscuous, aggressive and anti-social. Here is their gripping, shocking story. A piercing social document, it will hold you in profound fascination and utter disbelief.

Written by the author of award-winning "I Lived with a Teen-Gang," a series which appeared in the New York Daily News, REBELS IN THE STREETS is a compelling narrative, a truthful, moving portrait of the violence that courses through a great city, of those who try and stop it, and of the lives it touches and tears. It is a true story. Names and neighborhoods have been changed, but the people are real, the events are true.

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