Friday, 12 May 2017

Wheelie! - Stuart Hall

Bikies on a rampage of sex, sin & destruction


"What do you chicks want?" demanded Onley.

"What do you think?" asked Jane, looking pointedly at Holmes' groin, than across at the joint Tait was smoking. "a little bit of fun and maybe some grass?" "I haven't got much left!" snapped Tait, not looking at the scared Sondra standing near him. "So you can forget about that for a start!"
"Now there's no need to be like that," soothed Jane. "Tell you what! You take little Sondra there and have a little sleep with her in one of the rooms upstairs, and maybe you'll think otherwise later on." Tait swung his eyes slowly towards Sondra, noting her short-cut mousy-coloured hair, and the attractiveness of the young girl. "Is she old enough?" he asked quietly.
"They're never too young," grinned Frances, moving closer to Onley. "They've all got to learn some day." "You mean she's a virgin?" asked Tait, interest in his eyes. "Well, she's never had a man," said Jane cryptically, then looked at Holmes. "Now, big boy, how about you and me?"

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